Beer Buzz – Week of 29 Jan 2018

Brewery and Bottleshop Events in Wilmington NC Hey!Beer just got a crowler machine, so your options for beer-to-go in Midtown Wilmington just got even better. Expect it to be up and running soon! Some of the Hype Whale (10.0% American Imperial Stout, Red Brick Brewing) that hit town last week is still around; so are... Continue Reading →

The Case for Extracts

Capsaicin extracts get a bad rap. You say the words "half a million Scoville units" and people's eyes cross. With good reason, maybe; that's pretty damn hot. So hot that a normal person (read: non-chilehead) would just barely detect the heat if one gram was diluted in 500,000 grams of water (that's about 132 gallons).... Continue Reading →

Beer Buzz – Week of 22 Jan 2018

Brewery and Bottleshop Events in Wilmington NC Bell's Hopslam Imperial IPA (10.0% ABV) is hitting town Monday, so plan an early trip to your favorite bottleshop. This annual favorite is Bell's most complexly-hopped beer (six varietals during brewing plus "massive" dry-hopping with Simcoe), and it won't last, so don't miss out! Red Brick Brewing's Hype... Continue Reading →

Georgia – 11 Jan 2018

The kidding season got off to an early start this year when Polly had a female kid named Georgia on 11 January. This is Polly's second breeding season; last season she had a boy named George that was born at the end of February, which is a bit earlier than normal. Georgia looks just like... Continue Reading →

Gate City Growlers – Greensboro, NC

Bottle Shop, Bar 1724 Battleground Ave, Suite 103 Greensboro, North Carolina Gate City Growlers is everything that I look for in a bottle shop: a great selection of beer, well-curated by people who are passionate about good beer and are willing to personally travel NC to bring the best of it to their customers, even... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Metal Albums of 2017

2017 was another good year for new metal releases... this is what it looked like from where I sit:  1. Midnight - Sweet Death and Ecstasy. Midnight plays blackened speed metal that's a coked-up cross between Venom and Motörhead, with an extra side of Satan and a manic, gleefully blasphemous feel that's all their own.... Continue Reading →

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