Old Man Metal Rates: 23 March 2020

Cruel Fate - A Quaternary of Decrepit Night Mares (2019) 4/5 stars Great straightforward debut from Canada's Cruel Fate. Nothing fancy; eight tracks of mostly short-to-midlength riff-heavy verse/chorus meat-and-potatoes death metal: crushing chugs, meaty power chords, and some tremolo picked riffing over tight, mostly traditional drumwork. Taken as a whole, the album has great flow.... Continue Reading →

Old Man Metal’s Musings, Episode 8

Ten FIDY Barrel Aged Stout and Death Star Hot Sauce Join Pulpit of Doom and Screamin Demon host Old Man Metal on the eighth episode of his solo podcast as he looks at 2019 Ten FIDY barrel aged imperial stout and Advanced Tactical Weaponized Star Fruit Death Star OG hot sauce from Spicy Ninja. Oskar... Continue Reading →

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