Gate City Growlers – Greensboro, NC

Gate City Growlers is everything that I look for in a bottle shop: a great selection of beer, well-curated by people who are passionate about good beer and are willing to personally travel NC to bring the best of it to their customers, even beer that gets minimal (or no) distribution. With 20 taps, there is plenty of kegged beer to be had; when I visited, the tap selection was diverse and impressive, and featured beer from top-shelf brewers like Prairie Artisan Ales, Mikkeller, Grimm, Burial, and Wooden Robot. And unlike some places, they are happy to fill outside growlers. The packaged beer selection is great as well, with an appropriate focus on NC beer but no skimping on great beer from outside NC (and outside the US). A couple of coolers provide cold beer. Like any proper bottle shop, mix-a-six is the method to the madness.

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