NoDa Brewing Company – Charlotte, NC

We stopped at NoDa's North Tryon Street location about opening time (noon) on a holiday weekend Saturday. The taproom itself is pretty good sized, and nice enough; there is a good bit of seating outside as well, which was really nice as it was a beautiful day. Parking was also plentiful, which is not the case at every taproom in Charlotte.

Heist Brewery – Charlotte, NC

Heist Brewpub is a fairly large, seemingly well-established place. Located in Charlotte's NoDa neighborhood, Heist has become well-known for the quality of their beer; Heist is also known for their massive whiskey selection and their kitchen, which turns out a nice selection of shared plate offerings, woodfired flatbreads, sandwiches and Charcuterie boards (note that the brunch, lunch and dinner menus are different). When I visited about 2 PM on a holiday weekend Saturday, it was predictably busy but not over-crowded.

Wooden Robot Brewery – Charlotte, NC

I visited Wooden Robot at mid-afternoon on a Saturday. The brickwork exterior and the pseudo-industrial lettering above the entrance are echoed inside, which is brickwork with sparse use of heavy wood. Suspended ventilation ductwork and exposed beams and girders provide the semi-industrial feel often found in craft brewery taprooms; the fact that all of this superstructure is neatly painted black keeps the look tight and clean (which is not always the case). Tables are numerous and match the aesthetics of the rest of the taproom, being thick, glossy wood mounted on minimalist black metal hardware. Barstools and chairs are also a match, being of similar minimalist design and black metal construction. The overall result feels clean, uncluttered and stylish while retaining the semi-industrial ambience. There was plenty of seating inside, and plenty more outside, some accessed through a roll-up door that added to the atmosphere.

Beer Buzz – Week of 29 Jan 2018

Brewery and Bottleshop Events in Wilmington NC Hey!Beer just got a crowler machine, so your options for beer-to-go in Midtown Wilmington just got even better. Expect it to be up and running soon! Some of the Hype Whale (10.0% American Imperial Stout, Red Brick Brewing) that hit town last week is still around; so are... Continue Reading →

Beer Buzz – Week of 22 Jan 2018

Brewery and Bottleshop Events in Wilmington NC Bell's Hopslam Imperial IPA (10.0% ABV) is hitting town Monday, so plan an early trip to your favorite bottleshop. This annual favorite is Bell's most complexly-hopped beer (six varietals during brewing plus "massive" dry-hopping with Simcoe), and it won't last, so don't miss out! Red Brick Brewing's Hype... Continue Reading →

Deschutes Brewery Tasting Room – Roanoke, VA

I visited Deschutes' tasting room in downtown Roanoke VA on a Saturday at opening (1 PM). The taproom had a clean, modern design that was nicely counterpointed by the use of old, reclaimed wood to frame out the backbar, and was scrupulously clean. The interior had a cohesive feel due to a lack of distracting wall decor and the use of consistent, unbroken wall color throughout. The color was a fairly cool grey, but the copious sunlight coming in through the full-length windows kept the feel light and airy. The mid-sized bar seated about 30, and there was ample seating inside for plenty more. There was a single table outside; this may have been so limited because it was market day.

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