Arkham Horror 2nd Edition: Dunwich Horror Expansion

Dunwich Horror is an expansion to Arkham Horror 2nd Edition that includes a new game board and expansion-specific components to support a number of new game mechanics, as well as new core-set components to add more depth to the core game. Released in 2006, it was the second expansion, following the Curse of the Dark Pharaoh expansion released earlier that year, but it was the first "big box" expansion, as Curse did not include a new board.

Arkham Horror 2nd Edition: Lurker at the Threshold Expansion

Lurker at the Threshold is the seventh expansion for Arkham Horror 2nd Edition, and was released in July 2010. It is a "small box" expansion, meaning that it does not include a new game board. What it does include are 56 Investigator Cards, 110 Ancient One Cards, 18 new Gate tokens (which replace those normally used), and some new mechanics.

Arkham Horror 2nd Edition: Player Aids

Arkham Horror is a lot more complex that the average board game, and it has a number of situational rules that are easy to forget: rules that don't come up all the time, but that can have a big impact on how the game plays out if you consistently forget them (or misremember them). The rulebook is well-designed, well-written, and does a good job of teaching the game, but these situational rules are scattered throughout it, and the rulebook is thus not the best possible in-game playthrough guide.

…THIS Is For Fighting, THIS Is For Fun

"The enemy has very deceitfully taken advantage of the Midsummer cease-fire to launch an offensive all over the realm. Sauron has hit *every* major military target in Middle Earth, and hit 'em hard. In Rohan, the Gap has been overrun by suicide squads. Minas Tirith is standing by to *be* overrun. In strategic terms, Sauron's cut the realm in half. In other words, it's a huge shit sandwich, and we're all gonna have to take a bite."

MtG: Mesa Swarm

This all-white Falcon-themed horde deck depends on rapid deployment of small creatures to overwhelm the enemy early in the game, and takes advantage of the Falcons' flying ability to avoid landbound blockers. It has a pretty deep ability to promote creatures (by type, by color, and individually), making it very competitive in the long game,... Continue Reading →

MtG: Thrullfest

This is an all-black Thrull-themed standard deck that leverages black's necromantic capabilities to provide a fairly deep-pocketed ability to insta-summon creatures from graveyards on the cheap. It can also summon an endless supply of 0/1 Thrull tokens via Breeding Pits and then promote these tokens +1/+1 via Thrull Champions; accordingly, this deck can play a... Continue Reading →

MtG: The Rat Race

This black/red rat-themed horde deck depends on rapid deployment of small creatures to overwhelm the enemy early in the game. Creature and spell selection are all based around this strategy, with little attention paid to long-term survivability. Accordingly, this deck typically wins early or not at all. The Rat Race is a Mirage-era deck, but... Continue Reading →

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