Judas Priest – Firepower (2018)

I don't pay a whole lot of attention to modern-day traditional metal. My tastes have gradually gotten more and more extreme over the years, and I honestly don't have much interest in anything but death metal, black/hybrid stuff and a bit of thrash anymore, unless it's an album that I grew up loving. Nothing against... Continue Reading →

MtG: Thrullfest

This is an all-black Thrull-themed standard deck that leverages black's necromantic capabilities to provide a fairly deep-pocketed ability to insta-summon creatures from graveyards on the cheap. It can also summon an endless supply of 0/1 Thrull tokens via Breeding Pits and then promote these tokens +1/+1 via Thrull Champions; accordingly, this deck can play a... Continue Reading →

MtG: The Rat Race

This black/red rat-themed horde deck depends on rapid deployment of small creatures to overwhelm the enemy early in the game. Creature and spell selection are all based around this strategy, with little attention paid to long-term survivability. Accordingly, this deck typically wins early or not at all. The Rat Race is a Mirage-era deck, but... Continue Reading →

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