Volcano Dust Spicy Chili Powder

Volcanic Peppers LLC – Omaha, NE Volcano Dust Spicy Chili Powder is a four-chile chili powder blend, and is one of many chile-based powders manufactured by Volcanic Peppers LLC. The chiles comprise the largest portion of the blend (as is typical for chili powders); the label does not say what varietals are used, but the... Continue Reading →

Boomslang Ghost Pepper Sauce

Ashley Food Company – Sudbury, MA Boomslang is a three-pepper, extract-enhanced sauce from Ashley Food Company, of Mad Dog fame. Looking at the ingredient list, ghost peppers are used in the highest proportion, with bird's eye peppers and jalapeno peppers falling between garlic and onion, showing that there is more garlic in the recipe than... Continue Reading →

The Case for Extracts

Capsaicin extracts get a bad rap. You say the words "half a million Scoville units" and people's eyes cross. With good reason, maybe; that's pretty damn hot. So hot that a normal person (read: non-chilehead) would just barely detect the heat if one gram was diluted in 500,000 grams of water (that's about 132 gallons).... Continue Reading →

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