The Ghost

Lechosa’s Hot Sauce – Nashville, TN

The Ghost — Lechosa's Hot Sauce, Nashville TN
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As told on their website, the story of Lechosa’s Hot Sauce began when “a Spanish immigrant in search of the American dream set out to infuse his heritage and love for spicy food into a lasting legacy for the Lechosas name.” Launched in April 2019 by David and Samantha Lechosa, Lechosa’s Hot Sauce has developed a stable of six popular hot sauces, ranging from mild (The Original) to five-alarm (Carolina Madness).

The Ghost is marketed as a “Spanish Inspired Hot Sauce”, presumably because of the unusual butter-and-powdered-chiles base. This is similar to Spain’s bravas sauce, which is traditionally made like a cream sauce by dispersing broth in a simmering olive oil base containing a blend of mild and hot paprika and flour.


Appearance: Darkish brown-red sauce with a moderate amount of varied particulates. Nice body that shows some of the shear-thinning properties that are expected from xanthan gum; viscosity during pour is low enough that it should have a shaker cap (it doesn’t) to prevent over-pour.

Smell: Dark, complex, sweetish aroma; redolent of A-1 steak sauce and raisins.

Taste: Flavor follows suit, plus balancing savory notes and red vegetal flavors from the peppers; ghost pepper flavor is largely absent, as is vinegar tang. I would be interested to know what the unnamed “spices” are.

Mouthfeel: Heat is fairly modest for a ghost pepper sauce, but still ranks about 5/10. The burn has a bit of initial creep and good staying power, lurking predominately at the front of mouth, secondarily along the side of the tongue.

Overall: Unique aroma/taste, solid medium heat level. This sauce is aces on burgers, roast beef and other red meats where steak sauce would be complimentary.

Ingredients: water, unsalted butter, vinegar, red New Mexico Hatch chile powder, dried red Bell pepper, garlic (in water), Bhut Jolokia Ghost pepper, Cayenne pepper, spice, xanthan gum

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