New Overhead Shot with Canon Vixia HF R800 Camera

Final Rigging and Production/Post Parameters, featuring Hellstar Dark Lager

This is the last in a series of test videos that I made while setting up a new overhead camera (a Canon Vixia HF R800); getting it set up right took a number of modifications and adjustments, but I finally got it the way I want it.

The video includes finalized rigging and production and post-production parameters for the new camera, as well as some testing of different screen layouts and transitions using the overhead footage, including my first ever 2-axis beer pour, featuring Hellstar Dark Lager from Burial Beer Company. It concludes with a very brief evaluation of the camera itself.

The test layouts demonstrate the flexibility that the new camera will give me for gear-related episodes, which I want to do more of, and the test editing process proved that editing three concurrent eight-minute 1080p video clips (one of them with a chromakey effect) is about the limit of my editing laptop/software. As a result, I will have to forego use of the Beer Cam on any segments that use the overhead camera.

This video was produced with the following open source software:

Graphic Image Manipulation Program

Video editing with Corel VideoStudio 2019

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