Summoning the Great Old Ones

Once in every celestial cycle the stars come right, and Those Who Sleep may live. These rare conjunctions, foreknown and long-awaited, are inevitably periods of slaughter and devastation, as those who serve the Great Old Ones seek to return Them to Their rightful dominion, at any cost.

Walpurgisnachtszene aus Faust 1 by Johann Heinrich Ramberg (1829)
Walpurgisnachtszene aus Faust 1 by Johann Heinrich Ramberg (1829)

More often, the cosmic dance merely thins the veil that shields the mortal mind from the dreams of Those Who Sleep; these minima are alike foreknown and anticipated. These are seasons of blood and flame, of hilltop conjurations and star-spawned monstrosities, of riotous bloody bacchanal in widdershin rotation ‘twixt a ring of offerings and a ring of flames; these are seasons of perverse obeisance to Those Who Will Return.

Such is Walpurgisnacht. Such is this Eve.


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